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Where can I find your policy?

Please scroll to the bottom of the page in the footer section to find our return policy, privacy policy, and terms & condition.

What if I can't find the question below?

Please email us with any questions you have and we will get back to you shortly.

How long does it take til I receive my order?

Once your order is placed, it will ship within 1-2 business days (excluding weekend and major holidays, as we are not opened). After it ships, it will takes between 2-6 business days, not guaranteed, depending on where you're located.

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

You will receive a tracking number once your order ships, for you to track. Please contact us using the form on this page for assistance.

I would like to return my order, what can I do?

We have a 30 day return policy, please send us an email if your return meets this requirement: azurezoneinc@gmail.com

I entered the wrong shipping address, is too late to revise or cancel?

Please contact us immediately with your name and order number so we can cancel quickly. However, it may be too late to cancel as we do ship within 1-2 business days. Any return and shipping fees will be deducted from refund.

What shipping carrier do you use?

We use Fedex and USPS.

Can I expedite my order?

Yes you may, the shipping cost would be paid through the buyer. Please email us for shipping rates.

How do I drop ship my order?

You can simply write a note during check out stating you want to ship that particular order and we will honor that.

Do you sell in bulk?

Yes we certainly can, please email us for quotes.

Is it safe to leave Whirlpool air purifier running?

Definitely yes! Whirlpool air purifiers and air filters are designed to withstand doing so. The pre-filters can last up to 3 months (depends on usage) and each pack comes in sets of 4, which makes your supplies last up to 1 year! The True HEPA lasts up to 12 months!

Can I use a generic/third-party filter for my Whirlpool air purifier?

In order for your air to be truly clean, you must use a genuine Whirlpool filter with the Whirlpool air purifiers. Each Whirlpool filters goes through multiple testing to guaranteed you that it will clean your air. Every generic filter cannot guaranteed you that, it also does not go through testing, some has an odor and leaves marks on your fingers as you touch them. Also, it may cause damage to your air purifier. Always use genuine and true Whirlpool air filter with the units.

Is there a manual for these air purifiers?

Yes, every Whirlpool air purifier has a manual inside the package and there's also a digital manual below in the footer section.

Where can I place my air purifier?

You may place it anywhere on solid ground indoors. Please keep it away from any liquid and wet area.

Can I feature Whirlpool in my blog or website?

Yes please email us your site, blog, or company, before doing so.

How do I get featured on your social media?

Please post on your page, tag us, then hashtag #whirlpoolairpurifier.

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