How Whirlpool Air Purifier successfully reduces allergens and respiratory issues

The Whirlpool Air Purification system is packed with everything you need in order to reduce allergen, eliminate pollutants, remove odor, and more! Whirlpool is the number one brand recommended by Doctors for allergy and respiratory issues.

What is included: Whirlpool Air Purifier and Air Filter. This is simply all you need to have a clean and healthy indoors.

Whirlpool provides different types of air purifier models and the two we would like to point out, is a life changer. The Whirlpool WPPRO2000 series and the newest towers WPT80 and WPT60.

Starting from the WPRO2000, it comes in 3 sleek and clean colors: Slate Black, Pearl White, and Gun-Metal Silver. Price ranges from $319.99-$329.99 including free shipping. These three can easily blend in with any room color and design you have. This series of air purifiers, are packed with amazing features that cleans up to 508 sq feet room! There is no other air purifier on the market with these amazing features and price. Here's a few new features to name:

  • Quiet Partner System – the quietest high efficiency air purifier technology. Leave it running while you sleep or while you work. Perfect for the bedroom or the office.
  • 4 Speed: Low, Medium, High, and Turbo. Turbo can be used for even quicker air purification. Completely purifies air in 13 minutes.
  • Programmable Sleep Mode (Automatic Turn off) 2/4/6/8 hrs
  • Programmable Timer 2/4/6/8 hrs
  • Air Quality Monitoring (Auto Mode) with Blue/Yellow/Red Indicator


Another series that we highly recommend is Whirlpool's brand new tower series. There's a large WPT80 and medium WPT60 tower, each one comes in colors Slate Black and Pearl White. This series comes with a very special and powerful filter, the Whishield Anti-Bacteria Nanotechnology Filter.  A Whishield™ anti-bacteria activated Charcoal pre-filter traps odors and pre-cleans the air before it reaches the HEPA filter. Whishield™ anti-bacteria technology which provides an additional layer of purification to inhibit the outgrowth of micro-organisms on the filter, eliminates over 99.99% of germs and bacteria and stops the secondary downstream contamination to occur on the filter. This tower series is super effective and will definitely be leaving it's mark. The price range is only $95.99-$135.99!


Lastly, each purifier comes with Carbon Pre-Filter and True HEPA Filter. The True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as .3 microns such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens. Active carbon filter reduces common odors from pets, smoking, and cooking so every breath is a breath of fresh air. To learn more about the filters, click here for more info.


Learning more about the Whirlpool air purifier can paint a clear picture of how it can reduce allergens and removing harmful airborne particles that we breathe indoors. The prices are are low if you compare it to all the benefits these air purifiers and air filters have.

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